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Below you will find a few of the scales I have in inventory that you may choose from to have your custom grips built. When contacting me about the scales of your choice please be sure to reference the number assigned to each pair of scales. I try to display only bookmatched scales but you may see some that are not perfectly bookmatched or not meant to be bookmatched. Please also keep in mind you are viewing raw wood. The finished grips will have a much more refined and distinct look. If you have questions please send me a message on the"Contact Me" page.
For pricing and availibility,  please message me with your particulars and the scales you would like and I will get back to you with a cost and time frame for building.
If you do not see what you are looking for, send me a message. These are but a few sets of scales I have or that is availableClick on scale to enlarge
Buckeye Burl
BB 524
Buckeye Burl
Buckeye Burl
Cocobolo Root Wood Burl #1
BB 525
Buckeye Burl
Cocobolo Root Wood
Burl #13
Cocobolo Root Wood
Burl #14
Cocobolo Root Wood
Burl #6
Cocobolo Root Wood
Burl #7
Cocobolo Root Wood
Burl #8
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BWE 104
Box Wood Elder Burl
SW 201
SW 204
SW 205
SW 206
QM 501
Quilted Dyed Maple
QM 502
Quilted Dyed Maple
QM 503
Quilted Dyed Maple
QM 518
Quilted Dyed Maple
QM 516
Quilted Maple
QM 519
Quilted Dyed Maple
AZ 106
Az Desert Ironwood Burl
AZ 112
AZ  DesertIronwood
AZ 114
Az Desert Ironwood Burl
AZ 143
Az Desert Ironwood Burl
AZ 144
Az Desert Ironwood Burl
AZ 124
Az Desert Ironwood Burl
AZ 164
Az Desert Ironwood Burl
AZ 168
Az Desert Ironwood Burl
BEM 101
Birds Eye Maple Burl Stabilized
QM 507
Quilted Dyed Maple
QM 508
Quilted Dyed Maple
MB 123
Dyed Flamed Curly Maple Burl Stabilized 
AB 101
Red Amboyna Burl Stabilized
my_web_site015040.jpg my_web_site015039.jpg
BB 101
Tan Stabilized Bubinga Burl
Ask About
Exhibition Grade Snakewood
QM 511
Quilted Dyed Maple
Exhibition Grade Honduran Rosewood
MB 2425
Stabilized Dyed Maple Burl
QM 514
Quilted Dyed Maple
MB 2418
Stabilized Dyed Maple Burl
MB 2420
Stabilized Dyed Maple Burl
MB 2416
Stabilized Dyed Buckeye Burl
QM 510
Quilted Dyed Maple
my_web_site015036.jpg my_web_site015035.jpg my_web_site015034.jpg my_web_site015033.jpg
BEB  2410
Buckeye Burl
QM 523
Quilted Dyed Maple
QM 521
Quilted Dyed Maple
QM 522
Quilted Dyed Maple
BWE  2423
Boxwood Maple Burl
BEB 2429
Buckeye Burl
my_web_site015030.jpg my_web_site015029.jpg my_web_site015028.jpg my_web_site015027.jpg my_web_site015026.jpg
SMB 17
Spalted Maple Burl
SMB 18
Spalted Maple
Spalted Dyed
Maple Burl
MB 14
Spalted Dyed Maple Burl
my_web_site015025.jpg my_web_site015024.jpg my_web_site015023.jpg my_web_site015022.jpg my_web_site015021.jpg my_web_site015020.jpg my_web_site015019.jpg my_web_site015018.jpg my_web_site015017.jpg my_web_site015016.jpg my_web_site015015.jpg my_web_site015014.jpg my_web_site015013.jpg my_web_site015012.jpg my_web_site015011.jpg my_web_site015010.jpg my_web_site015009.jpg my_web_site015008.jpg my_web_site015007.jpg my_web_site015006.jpg my_web_site015005.jpg my_web_site015004.jpg my_web_site015003.jpg my_web_site015002.jpg my_web_site015001.jpg