My Dad taught me woodworking at a very early age. He taught the trial and error method. When at first you don't get it right, try again until you do.  When I was 12 years old, my Dad decided to build himself a large workshop and of course he decided I would be his helper.  From that time I have loved and worked with wood from building small projects, to building barns,  fine furniture, doll houses, to doll furniture and the list goes on. 
During my time serving our Country, in the U.S. Army, I was exposed to many weapons but the Colt .45, M1911A1 was by far the most difficult to qualify with. I eventually did and grew to love the pistol.  When I bought my first 1911, I decided the grips were just not good enough for such a nice pistol so I decided to build a pair that would be like no others.  From that point on, I have built many pair of grips for many people in all walks of life.  I belong to one of the largest Brotherhood Organizations in the world.  When my Brothers saw the grips I had built for my 1911, they were impressed and many wanted a pair for their pistols.  I created a grip using our Brotherhood Colors of Red & Black using Red Ambrosia Maple and have made many sets of these. I also use many other types of woods including many burls.  Check out my page "Woods We Use" to see some of them.  Also check out my page "Gallery of Previous Work" to see my work.
I specialize in building grips for the 1911 full size and also the Compact or Officer's Model.  I offer personlization of the grips including laser engraving, inlays of medallions or objects, checkering and texturing.  My work is 100% guaranteed.  If you are not satisfied with my work, contact me and I will either correct the concern or refund your money.
Thank you for stopping by my site.  You can also see more of my grips at my Facebook page,  Please visit it and be sure to like the page.
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